Diagnosing & Treating Pink Eye Online

Pink eye is one of the most common conditions doctors on TelaCare treat. Pink eye occurs when microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, get into your eye and cause inflammation. There are three main types of pink eye:

  • Infectious conjunctivitis
  • Allergic conjunctivitis
  • Chemical conjunctivitis

Infectious conjunctivitis is the only type of pink eye that is contagious, although, there are many types of infectious conjunctivitis including:

  • Bacterial conjunctivitis
  • Viral conjunctivitis
  • Neonatal conjunctivitis
  • Herpes simplex conjunctivitis
  • Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis

While there are many types of pink eye, bacterial conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis are the most common. Bacterial conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria that infects the eye. The bacteria can be spread through contact with an infected individual, exposure to contaminated surfaces or other illnesses, such as sinus or ear infections. Viral conjunctivitis is an airborne virus that is highly contagious and can be spread through sneezing and coughing. Viral conjunctivitis also can accompany common viral upper respiratory infections such as measles, the flu or the common cold. (see FAQ's below for descriptions about other types of pink eye)

Our platform has an image upload feature that is extremely helpful for both providers and patients. With this feature, our physicians can get a precise, detailed look at your pink eye before the visit even begins. This feature is very useful for all patients, especially for those that wear makeup – you can take a picture when you have a clean face, save it and upload before your visit!

During a video consult on TelaCare, your doctor will ask you a series of targeted questions to determine what type of pink eye you have. The doctor might also ask you to shine a light on your eye for better visibility and inquire about past treatments you have had for pink eye. With our video capabilities, you can bring your phone, tablet or desktop with video close to your eye, so your provider can get a clear view of the illness.

Once a diagnosis has been made, your doctor will go over the risks and benefits of the various treatment plans. Depending on the cause and your severity, your treatment plan may include a combination of:

  • Warm compresses
  • Allergy medications
  • Over-the-counter eye drops
  • Or prescription eye drops

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Got Questions? We've got answers.

See below for answers to some of our most common questions. You can also call us anytime 24 hours a day at 1-800-317-0280 to speak to a medical professional about your symptoms or conditions.

 How long does pink eye last?

How long pink eye lasts will depend on what caused it and what type it is. Typically, when contracted, pink eye can last up to two weeks. If you have viral or bacterial conjunctivitis, symptoms are usually the worst about three to five days after the infection begins. If you are dealing with allergic conjunctivitis, depending on the time of year, your pink eye may last indefinitely.

 Does TelaCare offer refunds?

No, All sales are final, and no refunds will be offered or accepted on services purchased from TelaCare. As we are a medical benefits company like any other benefit, once you accept our terms and conditions, you have purchased our services and accept this refund policy as a whole. Services can be canceled in the system at your discretion under account settings if your account is completed. Your satisfaction with your purchase is essential to us. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us at support@telacare.com

 Can I get a prescription online?

Yes, in general you can get a prescription online. There is support for this nationwide, however there are several exceptions. 

 How do you get pink eye?

The most common way to get the contagious form of pink eye is through direct contact with an infected person’s discharge, usually through hand-to-eye-contact. Pink eye can also develop from allergies and exposure to certain chemicals.

 I do not have a smartphone or computer, is there another way to talk with a doctor?

Yes, by dialing 1-800-317-0280 you can connect with agents who can assist you with whatever it is you’re looking for, including enrollment, connecting with a doctor, or answering any technical support questions.

 Do I need to create an account to see a doctor on TelaCare?

Yes, you do need to create an account before you can speak to a doctor on TelaCare. The account creation process is simple and takes just a few moments. We recommend you set up your account now so it’s ready when you need it. Once your account is created, you can use the mobile app or website using the same username and password.

 What if I do not have health insurance?

All of TelaCare's services are available without insurance. You have unlimited visits with your membership or employer group plan.

 Will I be charged more if I talk to a doctor on weekends, holidays or at night?

No. TelaCare offers 24/7/365 access no matter when you visit with the doctor, therapist or medical specialist.

 Do I need to schedule an appointment?

TelaCare is designed for on-demand care so no appointment is necessary. After you register and log in to TelaCare, the next available doctor will see you. If no one is available, you will be placed in a "waiting room" and notified by text message once a doctor is available. If you need to have an appointment at a later time you can select a time that is convenient for you and the doctor will call you then as well.

 Who are the doctors?

The doctors on TelaCare are part of the TelaCare Medical Group, Inc., which is a primary care practice with a national network of board-certified doctors who, on average, have 15 years of experience. Doctors are both single- and multi-state licensed and credentialed to work in your state of residence; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each of our doctors goes through a rigorous selection process to become a part of the network.

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