TelaCare Health Solutions Executive Team

We believe digital care delivery will transform healthcare. TelaCare’s mission is to connect and enable providers, insurers, patients, and innovators to deliver greater access to more affordable, higher quality care. We do this by equipping clinicians, patients and the industry that supports them with the tools to realize a better healthcare experience.

TelaCare’s top priority is to ensure and enable the success of our valued clients. We work seamlessly with our clients to construct a tailored approach to telehealth implementation, and then partner with them on an ongoing roadmap for success in improving the quality of care for patients, members and consumers.

Larry Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Larry Jones is chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors of TelaCare Health Solutions.

Dennis Peacock

Chief Technology Officer

Dennis Peacock brings more than 20 years of experience designing and implementing highly scalable software.

Nick Achilles

Chief Sales Officer

Nick Achilles brings more than 10 years of experience in health & fitness, product management, and sales.

Angie Jones

Chief Financial Officer

Angie specializes in banking & finance, with over 20 years in banking and investments with JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz is a primary care physician, a digital healthcare innovator and a health tech entrepreneur.

Patricia Lyden

Chief Legal Officer

Patricia Lyden has well over 30 years of legal experience in corporate and academic clients.

Karl Greif

Chief Marketing Officer

Karl Greif has years of experience leveraging data and insights to create breakthrough marketing programs.

Tom Wright

National Sales Manager

Tom Wright brings over 20 years in the insurance industry to create a better understanding and flow for our clients.

Amanda Hopkins

Human Resources Director

Amanda Hopkins oversees all human resources & is responsible for employee development & growth strategy.

Jennifer Greif

Vice President, Call Center

Jennifer Greif oversees Customer Service Operations today with a focus on efficient consumer solutions.

Faith Jones

Executive Assistant

Faith Jones brings a high level of strategic acuity, operational know-how and an entrepreneurial mindset.


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